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Company "Powers 4-Ward" With Nation's Only 100-HP Outboard, Gives Boaters a Bold New Choice for Pontoons, Center Consoles, Runabouts and More

A decade after starting America's EFI 4-stroke outboard revolution, Suzuki Marine is setting a new benchmark with the launch of the only 100-horsepower 4-stroke outboard available in the United States. The new-for-2009 Suzuki DF100 has been engineered to provide superior acceleration and fuel efficiency in a compact, lightweight package, making it a powerful choice for a wide range of new and existing boats. Available in both 20- and 25-inch shaft versions, Suzuki's new DF100 will be right at home on the transom of pontoon boats, small center consoles, bay boats, fish 'n ski models and more. "This introduction of the new DF100 proves our factory's commitment to giving boaters the best available 4-Stroke technology and the broadest range of power choices for every class of boat," said Larry Vandiver, Marketing Director for Suzuki Marine. "Having a 100-horsepower 4-stroke gives us a competitive edge in the U.S. market. We're especially excited because it also gives boat manufacturers and dealers more options to find the perfect package for their customers' needs and budget," Vandiver added.

In the Suzuki tradition, this new mid-sized 4-stroke is packed with much of the same award-winning technology and advanced performance features found on Suzuki's larger outboards.

The DF100's innovation begins with a 118.9 cu. in. inline 4-cylinder Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) powerhead with four-valves-per-cylinder. Suzuki's proven digital multi-point electronic fuel injection controlled by a powerful computer receiving input from a network of sensors throughout the engine optimizes performance under any engine load, temperature or altitude.

Suzuki's experience with high-performance engines in marine, motorcycles and automobiles has led to the development of features like the DF100's tuned and water-cooled intake system and water-cooled fuel rail, which help to squeeze the most power out of every pony and the most miles from every gallon of fuel. In addition, Suzuki's race-proven 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust system optimizes exhaust flow for superior performance and smooth acceleration whether you're powering out of the hole, running at cruising speeds or flying across the waves at top speed. In addition, Suzuki's powerful 2.59:1 final drive ratio with the ability to swing larger, higher pitch propellers delivers the ideal combination of low-end power and top-end speed.

The new Suzuki DF100 also incorporates several proven engineering features designed to reduce the overall weight and size of this new 4-stroke outboard motor. An offset driveshaft and two-stage cam drive are used to move the DF100's center of gravity forward on the transom. This not only reduces the outboard's exterior dimensions so it looks great and fits better on boats with limited clearance, but also offers better balance on the transom which translates to reduced engine vibrations and improved performance and ride.

With over 10 years of real-world performance under their belt, Suzuki 4-strokes have earned a reputation for rock-solid reliability. Speaking of belts, features like the DF100's self-adjusting, oil-bathed timing chain (rather than a timing belt) remove this maintenance worry and help ensure season after season of hassle free operation. Further enhancing reliability over the long run are features like Suzuki's one-piece forged crankshaft and durable stainless steel water pump. An air-cooled, high-output 40-amp alternator keeps its cool as it keeps plenty of juice flowing to power the sophisticated marine electronics, pumps, lights and accessories found on today's fishing and family boats.



SET A NEW STANDARD FOR LIGHTWEIGHT, FUEL-EFFICIENT POWER Compact 70-, 80-, and 90-Horsepower Models Launch a New Generation of Suzuki 4-Strokes, Give Boaters More Options in Customizing the Perfect Boat/Motor Package

Ten years after starting the marine industry's 4-stroke revolution with the introduction of its Innovation Award-winning, fuel-injected DF60 and DF70 outboards, Suzuki Marine is re-inventing the category with the launch of three New Generation 4-strokes the new-for-2009 DF70, DF80 and DF90. The fact that two of these new outboards (the DF70 and DF90) replace existing 4-strokes proves that Suzuki is not resting on its laurels, but is instead striving to constantly "Power 4-Ward" with new and better technology for boaters.

This trio of new 4-strokes has been redesigned from the ground up, and showcases many of the engineering achievements that have made Suzuki the leader in 4-stroke outboard technology. In keeping with Suzuki's belief that the best technology shouldn't be reserved only for the biggest engines, the new DF70, DF80 and DF90 also offer important new features designed to make them faster, lighter and more efficient. "These new motors clearly demonstrate our factory's commitment to constant improvement and innovation, even when we're already ahead of the competition," says Larry Vandiver, Marketing Director for Suzuki Marine.

"Our goal was to develop quicker, smaller and lighter four-cylinder outboards, while expanding our offerings in this important segment of the boating market. The DF70, DF80 and DF90 meet this goal and bring a new level of innovation, performance and efficiency to a range of popular boats."

This new family of 4-strokes which includes Suzuki's first ever 80-horsepower model should be an ideal match for a variety of vessels, including small center consoles and runabouts, flats boats, bay boats, pontoon boats and a range of aluminum boats.

To make these new motors lighter and more compact, Suzuki engineers began with a new 91.7 cu. in. inline four-cylinder Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) powerhead with four valves per cylinder. By incorporating an offset drive shaft and a two-stage gear reduction, Suzuki engineers moved the engine's center of gravity forward and reduced the overall dimensions of the outboard.

The new DF90, for example, is almost three inches shorter than Suzuki's previous 90-hp 4-stroke, and more thannine inches shorter than some competitive 90hp models. This is an important consideration on boats with limited transom clearance, such as flats boats with poling platforms. This compact design means the new DF70, DF80 and DF90 will look better, fit better and balance better on a wide range of popular craft. Better balance also means reduced engine vibration and greater directional stability, for a more enjoyable boating experience. A new lightweight cowl and lower unit help trim these motors down to a target weight of around 341 lbs. making Suzuki's new DF90 the lightest 4-stroke outboard in its power class.

When it comes to on-the-water excitement, however, these new 4-strokes are no lightweights. Suzuki's new four-cylinder DOHC 16-valve powerhead is designed to combine compact size with best-in-class performance. A new under cowl airflow design helps the engine "breath" better, ensuring an optimum fuel/air ratio at all engine speeds.

Suzuki's two-stage gear reduction system delivers the torque to swing large diameter, high-pitch propellers designed for the DF70, DF80 and DF90, for more propulsion where it matters most.

In addition, Suzuki's streamlined new gear case (first seen on Suzuki's flagship DF300 V6) reduces drag by 36-percent, resulting in faster acceleration and greater speed. The Suzuki DF70, DF80 and DF90 also feature a powerful 2.59:1 final drive ratio, delivering the perfect balance of low-end muscle and top-end performance on a wide range of fresh and saltwater boats.

Stretching the fuel budget has never been more important to boaters than it is today, so Suzuki engineers set out to make the DF90 the most fuel-efficient outboard in the category. Suzuki's proven multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection and solid-state ignition combine to optimize fuel efficiency across the performance range. This trio of new outboards also incorporates Suzuki's new Lean Burn Control Technology a feature that predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions and allows the engine to operate on a very lean air-fuel ratio. This feature provides a significant improvement in fuel economy especially at cruising speeds and will help boaters and anglers spend more time on the water and less time at the fuel dock.

Suzuki engineers also set out to improve fuel economy on the DF70, DF80 and DF90 by increasing mechanical efficiency. They designed a new oil pump that delivers greater mechanical efficiency and improved the internal hydrodynamics of the lubrication system allowing oil to move through the system with less resistance. And like all Suzuki fuel-injected 4-stroke outboards, these new engines are clean as well as efficient. The new DF70, DF80 and DF90 have all earned the California Air Resources Board (CARB) 2008 Three Star "Ultra Low Emissions" sticker.

Making these outboards even more dependable, low-maintenance and user friendly was a primary goal for this new generation of Suzuki 4-strokes. Engineers began by redesigning the shift transmission system, increasing rigidity and tightening the tolerances to reduce play between the parts. These changes have resulted in a 40-percent improvement in gear transfer (compared to the original DF90), delivering smoother, easier shifting.

Even small boats have high power demands today, so Suzuki's DF70, DF80 and DF90 feature beefy, 27-Amp high-output alternators that are specially designed to generate the bulk of their power at low engine rpms. This design ensures a reliable supply of juice to run pumps, lights, and a host of marine electronics, even during extended trolling.

Suzuki also added a new, user-adjustable tilt limit switch that prevents the motor from being tilted beyond a predetermined point. This simple change can go a long way in preventing accidental damage to the boat or the motor when launching, retrieving and trailering.

Suzuki's new DF70, DF80 and DF90 are the only outboards in the class equipped with oil-bathed, self-adjusting timing chains, instead of traditional timing belts. Automatic hydraulic tensioners ensure proper adjustment at all times, minimizing required maintenance. Dual engine flush ports make flushing the cooling system a breeze, whether the boat is on the trailer or in the water.

These new motors also feature bold new graphics, designed to compliment the appearance of any boat. Suzuki's special anti-corrosion finish applied directly to the aluminum alloy and layered with an epoxy primer undercoat, acrylic resin black metallic basecoat and acrylic resin clear topcoat protects the outboard's exterior from constant exposure to saltwater. These extensive anti-corrosion measures ensure that the DF70, DF80 and DF90 keep looking good even in the harsh marine environment.


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