This whole Kayaking idea came to me when I was standing at Port Authority at roughly two o’clock in the morning trying to get home. There was no bus and you know the next one wasn’t coming for an hour.

My name is Robinson, I don’t work traditional hours. But I am at the mercy of when the trains are the buses run. Door-to-door kayaking takes me roughly 45 minutes.

There’s not a lot of places in Manhattan where you can go and not hear anything. I’ll probably make the commute an extra five minutes just to have that time.

I’m not paddling I’m sitting there I’m leaning back to have a drink of water and you know take a look and say wow this is pretty amazing. Kayaking feels like nature. If somebody described nature, just happens to be in this major metropolitan area in a river that most people would never describe as nature. If you ask somebody about the Hudson River.

I’ve always looked forward to coming to work kayaking and now I really enjoy getting from where I live to where I work and getting back from the office back home.

I get to get out there for 20 minutes twice a day and I don’t have a phone I don’t have a computer there’s nobody sitting next to me so it’s just me and New York’s version of nature.